iPin Laser Presenter for iPhone and iPad

Free BTtogo Bluetooth Adapter (worth $29.95) with any iPin buy iPin is the world’s littlest laser moderator for the iPhone (it works with iPad and iPod touch too). It is so little, it fits totally inside the earphone minijack. Together with the free iPin application, you can remotely control introduction slides on your PC ideal from your telephone. Not any more mishandling for the lost laser pointer, remote moderator and batteries. iPin is the main laser moderator you need and it is dependably close by, on your telephone. The world’s littlest laser moderator inside the 3.5mm headphone jack! Amazingly little: 1.8cm long, weigh under 1 gram sans battery: Powered specifically by your telephone Stay connected to: With 90 degrees ON/OFF change, no compelling reason to unplug the iPin to accept telephone calls Wi-Fi remote association: Remote mouse cursor control and introduction route straight from your telephone

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