International campaign: The Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi is full of stolen antiquities

) The Abu Dhabi-based Louvre Museum, which was launched last Wednesday by the United Arab Emirates, is full of stolen and smuggled antiquities from Iraq, Syria and Egypt. The campaign added that some of these stolen objects were sold to Abu Dhabi through smuggling gangs related to some terrorist groups. The opening of the new museum is “a futile step aimed at polishing the image of the UAE and its authoritarian regime.” The “International Campaign” that the stolen artifacts from Egypt, which have been smuggled recently, was made aware of some “influential” in Egypt and Abu Dhabi. The campaign stressed that it is launching a counter-offensive mid-week, in which it will publish the real theft of most of the Louvre Abu Dhabi archaeological artifacts, and human rights violations of workers in the construction and establishment of this museum, which was postponed repeatedly for reasons of funding. The spokesman of the “International Campaign” Henry Green, the rejection of the “campaign” to the idea of ​​the project, which is hosted by “a country without history and does not attach any importance to humanity and rights,” explaining that the museum was built by workers violated their rights, were humiliated and humiliated during the construction process, His life due to lack of health care and work long hours during severe heat waves. The International Campaign, in a statement posted on its front page, called on tourists to boycott this museum, which is a priceless public relations move and to distort the Grand Louvre in Paris. Important excerpts were published by Human Rights Watch reporting how workers were humiliated during the construction process, in addition to restricting their freedoms and not receiving their fees or allowing them to travel.

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