Born in 1896 .. The oldest living person on the face of the earth

The Guardian newspaper reported the name of a Chilean who is believed to be the oldest human being alive on Earth. Celino Villanueva Garamillo is now 121 years old and was born in 1896, four years before the birth of the woman who is currently the oldest surviving person in the world, according to Guinness Book of Records . Chilean citizen Marta Ramirez, who was then 63, decided to provide shelter for the poor old man after he lost all his possessions in a fire.


The woman, of course, was certain that her 99-year-old guest would not live long, but the years went by, and Jaramillo was still alive at the age of 85 It should be noted that the identity card is the only document proving the age of men, after the fire destroyed all other documents, but the authorities do not doubt the credibility of this information. Garamillo was born in the southern town of Rio Bueno in the year he first organized the modern Olympic Games, worked in agriculture, and never had a wife or children. In 2011, former Chilean President Sebastián Pinera congratulated Jaramillo on his 115th birthday and Social Development Minister Joaquin Lavigne gave the old man a document proving his age.

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